Dissertation Resources Page

Dissertation Process

  1. Leadership Handbook (2008-2009)
    1. Dissertation Chair
    2. Doctoral Dissertation
    3. Dissertation Process Chart
    4. Topic and Committee Approval
    5. Dissertation Proposal
    6. Oral Defense Process
    7. Dissertation Portfolio Timeline
  2. Social Support and Roles. Relationships are critical to creating a dissertation. This informal table outlines the roles others may play in this process. It serves as a tool to guide discussion with committee members, colleagues, Leadership & Learning Groups, etc. about the needs and expectations of the dissertation.
  3. Portfolio and Dissertation Timeline “Countdown chart.” (1 pp.) Shows timelines for completing dissertation and portfolio deadlines before graduation processes.
  4. SED Oral Defense Procedures (1 pp). This one page guide provides an excellent overview of the oral defense process for both faculty and participants.
  5. NEW! After Defense Procedures (2 pp.). This new document guides participants in uploading their final approved dissertation to the Adventist Digital Library.

Dissertation Related Forms

  1. Dissertation topic and committee approval form
  2. Report of the Student's Dissertation Committee, (used first for approval of the proposal and then used again for approval of oral defense of dissertation)
  3. Readiness of Dissertation for Defense Report
  4. School of Gradudate Studies Forms, etc.
  5. Graduate Petition (or see GRAD site)
  6. Graduate Application for Graduation

Dissertation Style & Format

  1. AU Standards for Written Work (61pp). This large document, produced by the School of Graduate Studies, reviews the standards for formatting and writing graduate work in general but specifically for research projects, thesis and dissertations.
  2. AU Primer on APA style (14 pp). This overview of the APA style, produced by the School of Graduate Studies, reviews basic citation and referencing formats. While it is not a substituted for the APA Manual, it is an excellent introduction.
  3. APA Style Manual & Tips (http://www.apastyle.org/)
  4. Writing Resources, format and style tips, etc.
  5. AU Formatting Rules (2 pp). This document, produced by the Dissertation Secretary, provides an excellent overview of the basic formatting that is more thoroughly detailed in the 61 page AU standards document.
  6. AU 10 Most Common Formatting Mistakes (2 pp) This document, produced by the Dissertation Secretary, explains common problems participants have had in formatting.
  7. AU Message from the Dissertation Secretary (2 pp). This document produced by the Dissertation Secretary provides a nice introduction to the secretary’s role in the dissertation process.
  8. NEW! Endnote Video Tutorials. Participant Janine Lim has created a series of video tutorials to help you use Endnote effectively. Topics cover collecting references and interfacing Endnote and Word.
  9. AU Word Template (9 pp). This research paper will assist participants in writing in APA format from a MS Word document. For those new to templates this might be the best template to start with for creating a smaller research proposal. It is already set up and formatted to format standards. It was offered by the School of Graduate Studies but does NOT have all the dissertation front pages and is more useful for proposals, MA and EdS research projects.
  10. Dissertation Secretary Informal Email on AU formal-APA style relationship. Informal comment to leadership participant explaining APA-AU relations

Dissertation Related Links and Additional Resources

  1. School of Graduate Studies
  2. Graduate Student Resources
  3. Journal and Article Searching Material from 2006 Michigan Roundtable guidelines for using journals and articles were showcased in 2006. They have lists of key journals with explanations and appendices on searching library databases.
  4. Endnote files with example books and articles
  5. Dissertation Planning Tools - contact David L Heise (dheise@andrews.edu) if you are interested in using either of these tools.
  6. Link to Library online tutorials
  7. IRB link and explanation
  8. Other graduate forms (graduate related work)
    1. SED Doctoral Handbook
    2. Graduate Studies Forms
  9. Samples
  10. Link to Dissertation Abstracts
  11. IRB (Institutional Review Board)